Why Your Target Audience Always Needs to Evolve

 | Why Your Target Audience Always Needs to Evolve

If you read any business book or hop on any marketing blog, chances are you’ll pretty instantly see one piece of advice: to have a target audience for your business. And, it’s true — there are really few things quite as important as knowing who you’re trying to reach and to sell to, and your target audience is who will determine a lot of the success of your business.

However, life changes. Businesses grow. That’s just a part of it, right? And, it means that your target audience will continue to evolve, too. Plus, not only is an evolving target audience okay, it’s actually a really great thing. As your target audience evolves, so does your business — and that’s all any of us can really ask for!

Here’s the important thing: as a marketer, you have one of two choices. You can either learn to evolve alongside your target audience, or you can market to a revolving target audience. There are benefits to both, and there are a lot of factors to consider. For instance, some brands really do work better with a revolving audience (think: trendy fashion stores), while some brands love to evolve with their target audiences and continue to mature and grow as their customers do.

How to understand your target audience

The key? To be adaptive, to pay attention, and to be constantly curious about your target audience, their behaviors, and their interactions with your business. Wondering how? Here are a couple of ways you can always keep an eye out:

  • Stay tuned into your analytics, whether your website analytics or your social media ones. What’s resonating, and what isn’t? Is your target audience the one connecting with your content, or is it another audience entirely?
  • Do constant research! Never underestimate the power of simply asking your audience for what they want to see (and what they don’t).
  • Survey multiple audiences to find out who is connecting and who isn’t.
  • Try out detailed targeting on ads and email segments.
  • Approach your marketing with a constant willingness to adapt and tweak when needed.

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