Why Marketing is the Most Important Department

marketing department | Why Marketing is the Most Important Department

Marketing departments are pretty much the superstars of any company. Think about it: the tools that are used to research, sell, and grow – they’re all up to marketing. Talk about multi-tasking, right? The truth is most companies wouldn’t even get off the ground (let alone flourish) without a solid marketing department.

Let’s look at the top reasons why marketing is so important.

Marketing – what is its role in business and why does so much get spent on marketing every year?Two Teachers

1. Marketing is the face of a brand.

Who you are, what you offer, what you stand for, and how you show up in the world – all things marketing communicates about your brand. It’s not as simple as a catchy slogan or a cute jingle, as Don Draper would have you believe. The outward image of a brand is the result of intensive research and analytics about customers, competitors, and demand. All of that goes into creating and maintaining everything we see and hear about individual brands.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? The internal work allows brands to show up authentically and consistently in the world. This isn’t a one-and-done situation, either. To stay relevant in an ever-changing industry, marketing must adapt and change with audiences and trends.

2. Marketing drives sales.

This might be the most obvious way the marketing department keeps a company afloat. Without sales, there is no income. Without income…well, you get the idea. First, marketing attracts customers through the visuals and words of advertising both in print and online. Even the packaging is designed to grab the right person’s attention.

Here’s the thing. As great as it is to get attention, attracting customers doesn’t automatically lead to any sales. Buyers need to be nurtured, educated, and inspired to purchase. While this is no easy task, great marketing will do it all and then some.

3. Marketing promotes growth.

While attracting first-time buyers is important for growth, so is keeping long-term customers. Loyalty is key to success. This means the marketing team’s job is not done after a sale is made – not even close. The next steps will maintain positive relationships with current customers, so they keep coming back for more. Plus, if they keep loving you, they post on social media, tell friends, and help spread the word.

Reputation is everything these days. Building loyalty and trust with future and current customers is how to really soar above the steep competition.

At Marketing Career Hub, we’re here to help with strategies, tips, and support to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts. To help your business grow, sell, and connect at its highest level, check out all our marketing resources here.  

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