Why Email Marketing is Vital to Growing a Brand in 2022

Why Email Marketing is Vital to Growing a Brand in 2021 | Why Email Marketing is Vital to Growing a Brand in 2022

We’re a long way away from using our emails for AIM conversations and chain messages these days — and, instead, living in a time where email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to sell a product or service, connect with an audience, and engage leads. Chances are that you’re on upwards of 10 email lists, and they’ve probably been a key tool in boosting your brand recognition and encouraging you to get out your credit card.

As a marketer, understanding the huge value behind email marketing can add a ton of impact to your job and business. After all, learning how to optimize marketing strategies is exactly what makes you the great marketer you are. Here’s why email marketing is vital to growing a brand in 2022.

1. Email marketing is personal.

When you really think about it, email inboxes are inherently personal — which means that email marketing allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. From integrating naming technologies to personalize subject lines, you can also speak to your email list in an individualized way that other marketing techniques don’t allow for.

2. Email marketing is segmentable.

Technology is a great thing for marketers, and it’s really a great thing for email marketing. Most email marketing software will allow you to highly customize your email list into targeted and defined groups, which gives you a much better chance to make a sale or connection. The option to segment your audience also gives you a wealth of information about your business as a whole — which, in turn, makes other marketing efforts even more powerful.

3. Email marketing keeps you connected.

Often, big marketing efforts miss out on the huge connection piece that email marketing can offer. While billboards and ads can be great, they can also be forgettable — while emails continue nurturing audiences and keeping them top of mind. While we’re not fans of multiple emails a day, email gives you a much bigger range of possibilities when it comes to consistently engaging an audience.

4. Email marketing is measurable.

Data is key to marketers — and email marketing is one of the most measurable things you can do for a business. From link tracking to open rates to A/B testing, emails give you the opportunity to test and tweak to find out what’s working and what’s not… and they don’t require an entire audience overhaul, either. 

5. Email marketing is easy (and affordable).

Running marketing campaigns can be tough and expensive — which is where email marketing can come in to save the day. With email, there isn’t a huge learning curve or a huge investment, which makes it optimal for small businesses and massive ones. Plus, what do you think the difference in the profit margin from a low-cost email campaign is compared to that of a high-cost signage one? Whew. Just imagine.

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