Why Diversity is Important for Advertising and Marketing

Why Diversity is Important for Advertising and Marketing | Why Diversity is Important for Advertising and Marketing

Adding diversity into your marketing efforts is so much more than simply including representation of different types of people, although that is an important part. A true commitment to inclusivity means doing deep thought, research, and strategic planning to bring awareness to all types of differences in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and even body shape.

It’s not an easy task to take on, but small steps can start to make a difference. Making sure your business understands and promotes diversity in marketing can help increase your brand’s longevity in the long run, and more importantly, help make the world a better place for all.

Start from the inside out.

Making sure you’re adding  diversity to the content you put out into the world is great, but don’t forget to turn your focus inward first. Hiring employees with different backgrounds, lifestyles, looks, and views will help bring new ideas, experiences, and knowledge to the table. This makes a better work environment, better connection with a wider variety of people, and even better productivity and innovation.

In addition to adjusting how and who you hire, keep in mind that diversity education is a continuous process. Make space for diversity training within your workplace and allow an ongoing commitment to learning and adapting. 

Make sure you’re doing your research…lots and lots of research.

Market research is important for any type of marketing strategy, but especially when it comes to knowing if your messaging is diverse and inclusive. Use your data analytics, sample studies, and focus groups – then study and absorb all your findings. Remember to also keep an unbiased eye when studying the data.

Lastly, listen and watch.

Your audience is the key to your messaging. They want to hear and see themselves and people who are different from them. Start to incorporate language and images that are inspired by the differences in your audience – their words, actions, and interests.  Relating to many different people at once can be challenging, but it is worth it when you can spread authentically diverse content that aligns with your values.

Awareness is the first step to making any sort of change. If you’re noticing that your marketing is lacking in diversity and inclusion, there’s always room to grow. Start with daily thoughts and actions and get to work in expanding your marketing strategy to accept and represent all your audience. Your business, your staff, and your society will benefit.

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Here’s a video on how to improve your business impact with diversity, equity, and inclusion in your marketing.

Evolve Your Impact Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter in Marketing
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