What We Can Learn from Super Bowl 2022 Ad Campaigns

football field | What We Can Learn from Super Bowl 2022 Ad Campaigns

Super Bowl LVI is always a highly anticipated marketing event. With $7 million spots for just 30 seconds of airtime, of course expectations are high. This year brought a mix of nostalgic moments coupled with innovative technological progressions for viewers.

It’s safe to say that the talent-packed halftime show was a focal point for even the most enthusiastic football fans, but there’s always hype to see the Super Bowl ad campaigns. In the past, this event has been known to showcase some of the best and most creative campaigns of the year. 

So, which ads hit the mark or fell flat, and what can we learn from them overall?

Let’s look at a few lessons from the top ad campaigns of Super Bowl LVI

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2022 – by Dalibor Truhlar

The future looks…plugged in

The most talked about ad campaign, both positive and negative, was the bouncing QR code commercial from Coinbase. With the high-cost of running an ad, it’s smart to save money on production costs while also breaking the mold. Plus, the interactive quality of scanning the code right from the screen gets people on the website immediately. There were technical difficulties that sparked criticisms for Coinbase…but it did get people talking.

This approach may become more popular in TV ads. With phones always at the ready, scanning a code to make a purchase is easy and efficient, while providing instant gratification to viewers.

Ads and celebrities…still a winning combo

In addition to obvious tech advances, there was a vibe of “don’t fix what isn’t broken” in Super Bowl ads. Bringing in beloved celebrities is an approach that has been effective for years. But viewers have higher expectations in the year 2022 – as they should.

Don’t throw just any pop culture reference in your ad for attention. Make it creative without overshadowing the brand. You might remember Pete Davidson from a commercial, but do you remember what the ad was for? Us either. Toyota Tundra hit the mark with a theme of keeping up with the Joneses, using actors with similar last names.

Nostalgia sells…usually

Millennial targeted celebrity endorsements can work when the ad is still in line with a brand’s values and identity. We think that’s more than fair. Keep the nostalgic, relatable appearances, as long as the message clearly aligns with the brand as a whole. The Verizon 5G Cable Guy commercial stands out as a great example of this tactic.

There you have it. While you may not have the budget of Super Bowl ad campaigns, themes of relatability, nostalgia, and brand awareness reign supreme in a tech-forward world. Check out all of our advertising resources here!

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