What is Digital Marketing?

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What, Exactly, is Digital Marketing?

Remember when marketing relied heavily on things like billboards and magazines? Ah, the simpler times. Now, digital marketing has become quite the buzz phrase in the marketing world, for very good reason. Digital marketing is an amazing, dynamic way to expand and promote your brand and connect with customers across online platforms and devices.  

Let’s look at why it’s important and what it includes. 

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Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

The growth of the internet and technological advances have drastically changed how people consume information. When consumers change their habits, marketing must also change to keep businesses relevant and seen. Makes sense, right? That’s why digital marketing has become not just a tool, but a necessity for all businesses to reach and communicate with audiences.   

The Digital 2022 Global Report shows that online usage has been steadily going up year by year and has doubled in the past 10 years. Out of those users, the average time spent on the internet daily is about 7 hours. Since we know that marketing is how you promote and grow your brand, showing up where your audience is spending their time is the best way to be seen.

Types of Digital Marketing

Some types of digital marketing might seem obvious, like email and website marketing. But as it turns out, the internet is quite an expansive place. 

Who knew, right? 

It’s important to know the different options available to you before diving into your own digital marketing efforts, even though you may not use every single tactic.

Here are the main methods used in digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Marketing – Getting your content or website ranked high enough to be seen in searches (including SEO and PPC).
  • Social Media Marketing – Any communication with customers across social media channels (includes organic engagement, and paid advertisements).
  • Email Marketing – Sending subscribers updates and promotions through email helps build loyalty and increase sales (ex: newsletters).
  • Content Marketing – Any text, video, or picture that offers value, enjoyment, or education to your audience (ex: blogs, trailers, hype videos, ads, etc).
  • Affiliate Marketing – Outsourcing to people or companies who will link to your business for commission.
  • Mobile Marketing – Making all marketing efforts adaptable for mobile devices creates the most convenience for customers and visibility for brands.

Keep in mind that new ways of using digital marketing techniques are being developed all the time. What’s popular now may not still be the hot tactic down the road – so it’s always important to stay up to date and adaptable in your digital marketing strategies.

With so many channels and styles in this ever-evolving digital world, Marketing Career Hub keeps you updated with the best tools and practices for your business. Check out all of our marketing resources here.

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