The SEO Basics Every Marketer Needs to Know

The SEO Basics Every Marketer Needs to Know | The SEO Basics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Search Engine Optimization Overview

When you think about search engine optimization, do you get a bit nervous or overwhelmed? You’re not alone.

SEO is a super important part of every brand’s marketing strategy and can get quite complex. Even if you plan to hire SEO experts to handle the deeper layers, everyone with an online presence should have at least a basic understanding of SEO principles.

Let’s look at how you can start increasing your website traffic and drawing attention to your brand right away with these must-have SEO skills.

10 Critical SEO Factors Every Marketer Should Know – Ross Simmonds

1.  Search engines (and people) love content.

First of all, producing lots of useful content is important for your brand’s growth and visibility. Does this mean you should publish 5 blogs a day about random topics? Definitely not!

Content needs to be in line with your brand’s message. It doesn’t need to be constant, but it is a good idea to release content consistently – like on a weekly or monthly schedule. Brands with consistent, relevant, content will get better search rankings over time. It helps establish your brand as an authority and shows search engines that you’re a reliable source of information.

Content is anything meant to entertain, teach, or inform your audience – think blogs, social media posts, videos, etc.

2. It’s all about the right keywords.

Another important SEO step is making sure that your entire online presence is keyword optimized. This means that all the consistent content and website text is following at least the basic keyword principles.

Gone are the days of stuffing keywords into every other sentence of your text…because search engines have caught onto that and are NOT into it.  Instead, focus on organic keyword usage. Find out what terms and phrases your target audience is already searching for. Then, use them in your website and content in a natural way that makes sense.

3. Don’t forget about the technical stuff.

You might think that SEO is just about the words – the website copy and content.  But in reality, the technical parts of your website are just as important as the words. For example, the loading speed is important to both users and search engines. You want people to stay on your website long enough to read it, right? Make sure it loads really fast.

In addition to the website loading speed, check the structure of your website. What’s happening below the surface? Making sure your mobile site is use-friendly, links are working properly, navigation makes sense, and meta tags are ready. This will make your website great for your human visitors as well as the search engine crawlers that help make your site more visible.

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