The Most Important Marketing Jobs in 2022

The Most Important Marketing Jobs in 2022 Marketing Career Hub | The Most Important Marketing Jobs in 2022

The Positions You Need to Fill on Your Marketing Team

What goes into making a rockstar marketing team? It’s not about one person, but about filling all the roles with people who can work together towards common goals. Your dream team will have people with good vibes, great communication, and – of course – the right kind of marketing skills for their different roles. So, what ARE the positions you need to fill to take your marketing to the next level? These 6 are a good start!

Content Marketing Specialist

To sell anything, you need words. Having great copywriters and content writers on staff is helpful, but you’ll also want to establish someone who oversees all of the content and comes up with strategies. You can hire freelance writers when needed, but having a go-to content specialist will help keep everything cohesive and strategic.

Graphic Designer

Think about how much of your marketing is visual, and make sure you’re optimizing it! Everything that your potential customers see needs to be strategically and artfully designed — so get yourself a designer (or team of designers) to bring your content to life.  

How to Get Your 1st Graphic Design Job – Philip VanDusen

Brand Manager

You want to know how your brand is being perceived at all times – which is where a brand manager comes in handy. They can see the full picture of how everything works together and offer valuable ideas for how to stand out and leave the right impressions on your audience.

Social Media Manager

If you aren’t using the unique marketing advantages of social media, now is the time to get on board! There are tons of different platforms and usages for social media, so hiring a social media manager is essential to staying relevant and present for your customers.

Data Analyst

A lot of marketing deals with communication and visuals. But, a super important role to have on your team is someone to deal with the numbers – AKA a data analyst. This person will conduct research about what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing efforts.

SEO Specialist

SEO is only getting more and more important in digital marketing. It is possible to outsource your SEO needs but having an in-house specialist could be a huge advantage in getting all of your content and copy optimized quickly and efficiently.


Every person on your marketing team has an important, unique job to do. For more tips on how to market and grow your brand, check out our full resource library!  

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