The Best Apps for Scheduling Social Media Posts

 | The Best Apps for Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is one of the biggest parts of running and marketing a business, especially these days. However, social media marketing has a lot of moving parts, from content creation and graphic design all the way to strategy and posting. And, as a marketer, it’s always important to find little ways to streamline processes and make life easier.

Enter: social media planning apps, which make life so much easier when it comes to regularly sharing and scheduling out content for your business. After all, taking an hour or so to schedule social media content at the beginning of a week (or even a month… or a quarter!) is the absolute best way to stay highly consistent with your social media as a whole. Need some ideas? 

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools to Save You TimeInfluencer Marketing Hub

Here are 4 of our favorite apps for planning and scheduling social media content:


Hootsuite is what we consider the gold standard for incredible social media scheduling, and it’s so incredibly easy to navigate! The interface allows you to schedule a variety of social media post types, though we prefer it for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It uses a dashboard-style design that makes it simple to see everything from one screen, too.


Instagram scheduling and posting is a little trickier than other forms of social media, since you still have to at least partially manually post and schedule. However, there’s one app that makes this easier than any others — and that’s Later! You’ll be able to queue up your Instagram posts and captions, and it notifies you (and automatically copies captions to your clipboards) so that you can post on a regular basis.


There’s something beautiful about a really gorgeous Instagram feed (always!), and Planoly is the key to doing it! With Planoly, you can plan out your Instagram grid to ensure you’re staying in line with a consistent brand aesthetic, *and* you can continually move around your grid photos to leave room and access for new posts.


Pinterest strategy can be really, really effective for certain brands — but posting Pinterest pins can be a really long, arduous process, too. That’s where Tailwind comes into play, a Pinterest scheduling tool that lets you plan out tons of Pinterest content and strategy in a fraction of the time.

At Marketing Career Hub, we’re always here to share applicable, actionable tips for your marketing — and social media — strategies, whether it’s about content creation or website design! Looking for more tips? Explore our resources here.

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