The 3 Essential Pieces of All Content Marketing Collateral

The 3 Essential Pieces of All Content Marketing Collateral | The 3 Essential Pieces of All Content Marketing Collateral

The digital age we live in has made content ever more accessible — which means that it’s also made content ever more important. When you think about it, content is one of the most vital pieces of any business or personal brand… and content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that can be employed to attract new audiences and customers. The key, though? Making sure it’s truly good content.

See, the internet is absolutely packed with lackluster content. From clickbait to keyword farms, it’s a lot easier to find pointless content than it is to find high quality content — and learning how to fit in with the high quality side can make a huge difference in your personal brand or business. While there’s definitely a lot of pieces to making a great piece of content, it really all comes down to these 3 essential elements. Here’s what you need to include in all of your content marketing collateral.

1. Value.

There is absolutely no point in taking the time to hit “publish” on a piece of content that doesn’t have value — full stop. If you’re not making value adds an integral part of your content strategy, you simply don’t have a content strategy. The key to making sure you’re adding value into every piece of content you share is by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What will the reader/consumer learn from this piece of content?
  2. What journey should the reader/consumer go through on this content? 
  3. How can I get the reader/consumer to learn from this content?
  4. Is this readable/watchable/easy to understand?
  5. Will the reader/consumer leave this piece of content learning something new?

2. Actionable steps.

Every piece of content that you share should give an option for the reader or consumer to continue learning, to get in contact with you, or to put their learnings into action — which is where really great next steps come in. When you always offer an opportunity to extend any content that you share, you’re more likely to get engagement and leads out of a piece of content… and your audience is much more likely to find something impactful from it. Here are some ideas for actionable steps:

  1. A link to book a call with you.
  2. A list of resources that correlate for the audience to learn from.
  3. A “More Like This” button to share relevant content and encourage clicks.

3. A measurable data point.

Content marketing is called content marketing for a reason — because you want it to work! Instead of spending time on content only to send it out in the world unsure of what it’s doing, focus on making sure that you can measure it and track it. You can utilize Google Analytics, capture leads in a form, or link to a social media follow button to name a few — just make sure that measuring is always a goal. After all, you deserve to see a return for your hard work… and you also deserve to know when your hard work needs to pivot.

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