Sales Funnels 101: The Action Stage

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When you’re a digital marketer, you know full well how powerful sales funnels can truly be in capturing leads and transforming your marketing strategy — and for good reason. The art and science behind sales funnels are proven to work and to attract the right audience to your product or service, and being able to optimize each and every stage can change your business. We’ve been digging deep into sales funnels for the last few months, and for good reason! If you can have a visceral understanding of each stage and how to make it work in your business, you’re set. Today, we’re focusing on the big finale of a sales funnel — the action stage.

The Sales Funnel Explained

When we’re talking about a sales funnel, it’s helpful to truly think of an actual funnel — widest at the top, narrowest at the bottom. Your marketing campaign should be designed like a funnel, with the most attraction and interest coming in at the top and the actual paid customers and action-takers at the bottom. As people move down the funnel, they can go one of two ways: they can continue to the next stage, or they can exit the funnel. Your job? To get as many people down the funnel as possible, starting with the awareness and interest stages and wrapping up with the decision and action stages.

The action stage of a sales funnel

When potential customers reach the action stage of a sales funnel, they’re in the final countdown. They’ll either take action (and purchase something with you), or they’ll exit the funnel. Now, by the time someone has reached the action stage of a funnel, they know a lot about your business. They know why you’re so great at what you do, they understand what it is you’re selling, and they’re interested in it. However, they may also be interested in a competitor’s product or service — or they just may be struggling to actually take the action they’ve decided upon.

Enter: setting the stage for life after action.

While you obviously want your customer to take an action that helps you reach your own marketing objective, you don’t *just* want to sell to them — after all, you’ve been doing an awful lot of that lately. Instead, you want to show them what their life and business might look like after taking a positive action with you, encouraging them to officially and finally take that action.

How to optimize your sales funnel?

When you have leads sitting in your action stage, you’ll want to optimize your action stage… and quickly. At this point, you’ve already warmed up your audience and they’re poised to act on the decision (which they’ve likely made). Here are some of our favorite ways to optimize your action stage:

  • Offer an irresistible, limited-time offer.
  • Blast positive customer testimonials.
  • Consider adding a bundle product or special offer for another service, in addition to their purchase.
  • Set up a re-targeting campaign for those who are slower to take action.
  • Offer free trials

Our goal at Marketing Career Hub is to help you implement clear, proven marketing strategies — and one of our favorite methods is through sales funnel optimization. Find more advice and resources here.

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