Sales Funnels 101: So… What is a Sales Funnel?

 | Sales Funnels 101: So… What is a Sales Funnel? | Marketing Career Hub

Running a business (or engaging with one) in the digital age we’re living in today means that you interact with sales funnels on the daily — or at least, you should. If you read that and thought “uhh… what the heck is a sales funnel?!” we have you covered. Whether you’re implementing your own digital marketing strategy or learning the ins and outs of marketing in your job, understanding sales funnels are key to online marketing in 2022. Here’s what you need to know.

If you want the true-blue definition of a marketing sales funnel, it’s the customer journey an audience embarks on before making a purchase. But, if you want a more tangible definition, we have you covered. 

Think of a good old funnel (science class for the win), widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom. The funnel is broken up into 4 stages — awareness (at the top), interest, decision, and then action (at the bottom). 

The 4 stages of a sales funnel

Awareness: See, When a customer starts on the good old buying journey, they come in at the top of the funnel with a bunch of other customers. We like to call this the awareness stage of the funnel — a bunch of people know what the business is, but they don’t necessarily have any attachment to it. 

Interest: Then, a customer enters the next stage of the sales funnel, or what we call interest. Some potential customers leave the funnel at the stage, because they’re just not interested in the product or service…and keeping interested customers is engaged is key to moving them down the funnel.

Decision: Next up? The decision stage — where customers are trying to make a decision on whether or not they want to get involved with a purchase. In this stage, customers are doing research, digging into sales pages, and trying to decide whether the business they’re interested in is the best fit — which requires lots of strategy from the business itself.

Action: The last stage (and the tightest part) of a sales funnel is when the customer chooses to take action — usually by making a purchase. This stage is absolutely crucial to keeping the business top of mind after purchase, too — making it pretty much the most vital piece to the puzzle.

At Marketing Career Hub and Social Xccess, we’re here to educate you on all things marketing — which includes sales funnels. We’ll keep diving into funnels (and how you can implement them yourself) in the coming months, but for now check out our website for more marketing career resources.

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