Webmaster / Marketing and Admissions Associate | Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Woodmere, New York, Lawrence Woodmere Academy, a small, independent school located in Woodmere, Nassau County, New York is currently looking for an individual who would serve full time as our school’s webmaster as well someone who would handle the school’s marketing plan and support the admissions team. This individual would ensure that information is current for all who view the school’s website including current and prospective families. This individual would also continue to modify our website to make it more user friendly and efficient. This individual would also work with our marketing and admissions team to ensure that our school’s brand and information is communicated to prospective and current families, school partners, alumni, etc.. , oversee our social media sites and would also support our admissions office in their work with prospective students and families.
This full-time position would be an on-campus position with salary negotiable. Individuals with experience around school admissions and marketing as well as webmaster experience preferred.
Send resume/cover letter to mbarton@lawrencewoodmere.org. Bachelors’ Degree
Experience as a webmaster preferred
Experience with marketing preferred