Power Marketing Advisor | Department of Energy

Department of Energy

Elberton, Georgia, This position is part of the Southeastern Power Administration. As a Power Marketing Advisor, you will prepare or oversee the preparation of repayment schedules, analyze cost allocation and economic studies, project feasibility studies, and other analyses and studies required in the development and execution of program elements relating to wholesale power rate formulation, repayment schedules, and the presentation of rate schedules for approval for all hydroelectric power generation systems.
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SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:ย  A qualified candidateโ€™s online application and resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level in the Federal service.
For the GS-12 level, one year of experience equivalent to the GS-11 level, specialized experience for this position is defined as:

Experience setting rates and/or charges.
Experience compiling, processing, analyzing, validating, and reporting on large sets of numerical data from integrated business software tools, such as enterprise information systems that store financial and operating data.
Experience using spreadsheets, slide presentation programs, and word processing software to prepare reports and financial analysis.

For the GS-13 level, one year of specialized experience equivalent to a GS-12 level, Specialized experience for this position is defined as:

Experience in setting rates and/or charges.
Experience preparing specialized studies used to analyze, determine, predict, and communicate rate and/or repayment impact and rate designs.
Experience applying economics, accounting, financial and budgetary concepts, and project management principles and practices. Experience must include advising on technical aspects of rate development, rate design, and statistical reporting to conduct financial and economic analyses.

For this position, education cannot be substituted for experience.