Marketing & Communication Manager | The University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina, Classification Title: Public Information Director I College/Division: Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support Department: SAAS Career Center Advertised Salary Range: $43,030-$48,000 Advertised Job Summary: Duties include, but are not limited to the following: STRATEGIC DIRECTION & PLANNING – 30% Determines the creative direction and planning for print, electronic, audio, video, social media, web media, and digital marketing for the Career Center, its services, resources, and programs. Develops strategic marketing priorities and office style guide while communicating expectations to staff. Ensures that projects are within the goals and strategic priorities of the Career Center and follow the guidelines of the Office of Communications and Public Relations. Develops and manages a work/project management marketing software to ensure timely production of marketing and communication projects from initial concept to final design, event planning, to stock inventory. MARKETING / COMMUNICATIONS ADMINISTRATION – 40% Develops and maintains internal and external Career Center marketing and communication efforts including graphic design, advertising, data visualizations, printing, photography, videography, website management, and social media. Will develop marketing and communication plans each year in collaboration with team members within the Career Center and unit. FISCAL AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – 5% Develops projections for marketing expenditures and submit the annual budget request. Manages the purchasing and inventory of marketing materials. Manages the evaluation and selection of marketing resources such as signage, displays, and giveaways. Maintains project management marketing software and technology. LEADERSHIP & SUPERVISION – 10% Interviews, selects, hires, trains, supervises, and evaluates Marketing Student assistants (s) and interns. Directs Marketing Assistant(s) and office colleagues in the execution of marketing-related tasks. Provides consulting services to staff regarding marketing-related projects. Specific activities include 1-on-1 supervision meetings, team meetings, hiring, training (initial and ongoing), performance review planning/evaluation, and reviewing/editing the work of staff. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS -5% Establishes relationships with campus and local media. Maintains membership in appropriate internal and external organizations, committees, and groups for professional development, division recognition, and university service. Promotes the successes and initiatives of the Career Center and its members through nominations to local, regional, and/or national awards. May participate in University and/or Division communications teams. BENCHMARKING , EVALUATION & ASSESSMENT – 5% Stays abreast of current issues and trends related to marketing and communications. Research, benchmarks, and implements best practices for effectively communicating with students, employers, and other key constituent groups. Seeks input from key audiences to gain feedback about the effectiveness and perceptions of the Career Center’s communications, services, and programs. Tracks and assesses marketing and communications initiatives to report success metrics, outcomes, usage, etc., and makes recommendations and/or modifications for future operations and practices. ADDITIONALDUTIES – 5% Assists with Career Center, Student Success Unit, and Division-wide activities and programs, as needed. Advertised Minimum Qualifications : Master’s degree and 1 year professional experience related to the development and dissemination of informational material, or Bachelor’s degree and 3 years related experience. Full/Part Time: Full Time