Marketing and Communication Coordinator | Midwest Collaborative for Library Servcies

Midwest Collaborative for Library Servcies

Serving Indiana and Michigan, POSITION: Marketing and Communication Coordinator
Primary Responsibilities:
Establish, lead, execute, and continually evaluate and improve MCLS’s overall organizational marketing and communication program regarding MCLS membership benefits and services. The program includes print and digital branding, news, events, press releases, annual reports, social media, and other materials, and promotional items. Design, implement, and evaluate marketing/communication activities for specific programs and services. Gather and apply data and create metrics to continually improve the marketing and communication strategies, methods, practices, and materials MCLS uses with libraries and other stakeholders such as vendors. Assist the MCLS Executive Director, Board of Directors, and staff in library engagement efforts. Collaborate with and support other MCLS staff in marketing and communication activities as appropriate. Conduct market research and data analysis with current and prospective MCLS member and customer libraries and others to guide marketing and other decisions.
Characteristic Duties:
1. Evaluate MCLS’s current marketing and communication strategies and methods as needed
2. Create a comprehensive marketing plan that promotes awareness of MCLS overall, and for specific programs and services as needed, including market analysis, timely creation, production, and distribution of marketing/communication/promotion messages and materials, and metrics-based reach/impact analysis
3. Perform regular/routine marketing and communication, including creating and publishing the monthly MCLS newsletter, press releases, and surveys (i.e., for members, customers, vendors, and others)
4. Create, implement, and support ad-hoc/irregular marketing and communication campaigns as needed (e.g., for crisis communication)
5. Create an MCLS annual report and annual member meeting format, in consultation with the MCLS Executive Director
6. Lead creating a new MCLS website, including branding and graphics, in collaboration with staff
7. Manage MCLS website content in collaboration with staff
8. Manage MCLS’s social media presence (i.e., Facebook and Twitter)
9. Determine how best to reach all levels of library staff (from director to frontline staff) with marketing and communication messaging, as appropriate
10. Work with outside firm(s) as needed to create marketing materials in all formats, for MCLS overall, and appropriate programs and services
11. Assist MCLS staff who market/communicate about specific programs, projects, and events
12. Create, curate, and make available materials and templates libraries can use to market their value and impact, and the MCLS and vended products and services they use, to their communities (e.g., academic departments and other local organizations)
13. Coordinate conference booth arrangements at various conferences and other events, in collaboration with staff
14. Refresh MCLS style guides and standards as needed, including for publications and presentations
Related Duties:
1. Attend MCLS Staff Meetings and meetings with management team as needed
2. Attend seminars and workshops related to general professional and personal growth, and strategies for MCLS as a non-profit organization that supports libraries
3. Maintain knowledge of trends in marketing and communication, including in libraries
4. Some travel within and beyond Indiana and Michigan
5. Other duties as assigned Minimum Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s degree with a major in Marketing, Communications, or Public Relations, or a professional marketing/communication certification and at least 3-5years of equivalent work experience
2. Minimum 1-3 years’ experience in marketing and communication work, including creating marketing plans, strategies, methods, practices and/or materials for a company or organization
3. Excellent verbal and written communication and other skills including active listening, strong attention to detail, and a courteous and professional demeanor, that foster a positive influence from MCLS, and maintain effective trust-based, mutually beneficial relationships
4. Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, articulate, prioritize, implement, and evaluate short and long-range marketing and communication goals
5. Experience communicating a company or organization’s values, services, offerings, etc. to a diverse audience of current and potential members, customers, and others
6. Demonstrated ability to produce attractive, professional, effective marketing/communications pieces (including presentations, email marketing newsletters, Web pages and reports)
7. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in an evolving, collaborative, multi-constituency environment with an ability to manage a diverse set of multiple priorities and track multiple simultaneous projects and processes
8. Proven ability to be self-directed, collaborative, organized, proactive, innovative, and results-oriented
9. Ability to travel within and beyond Indiana and Michigan as needed
10. Growth mindset and orientation toward growing MCLS’s business, membership, and member participation (e.g., in committees and other working groups that work to advance MCLS’s and libraries’ work)
11. Proficiency and comfort with modern collaboration technologies and productivity tools, including Microsoft Office 365, Google apps, and online survey software
12. Familiarity with and/or working knowledge of software to design and manage marketing messaging, automate content distribution, and data analysis
Desired Qualifications:
1. Experience evaluating marketing and communication programs, strategies, methods, practices, and/or materials for a company or organization
2. Experience working with libraries and/or library staff
3. Experience working in a non-profit organization
4. Degree, coursework, training and/or certification in marketing approaches and practices relevant to a non-profit library consortium
5. Experience advancing an organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility (DEIJA) efforts
6. Experience developing crisis communications
7. Visual media skills, e.g., graphic design, Web design, and/or data visualization Depending on Experience