Director, Enrollment Management and Marketing | Seven Arrows Elementary School

Seven Arrows Elementary School

Pacific Palisades, California, The Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing creatively and collaboratively leads strategy for enrollment, admissions, and retention. The director leads a robust and data-driven marketing program rooted in digital and emerging principles including, but not limited to: social media, high touch outbound/external content marketing, copywriting, customer journey map, and visual storytelling. This role reports to the Head of School and serves on the senior administrative team.
This role is both strategic and hands-on with the ability to operate as a marketer and digital creator, with fluency in various technologies to support a full-service marketing automation operation. As the chief brand ambassador, they are expected to be a master at relationship building and collaboration, growing and fostering external relationships that advance the school’s position in the ever-changing market of independent schools. 
Enrollment Leadership Responsibilities

Lead with a positive, dynamic, and engaging disposition that demonstrates Seven Arrows’ mission.
Steward all aspects of admissions and retention, in partnership with the Senior Leadership team and other school administrators.
Oversee all aspects of the admissions, enrollment, and retention functions of the school. Serve as chief admissions officer and ambassador to the school; nurture prospective family relationships, grow market share, conduct a suite of enrollment events and activities both online and in-person, and represent the school internally and externally. 
Develop and execute data-driven traditional and innovative admissions and retention strategies, both for the current year and for the long-term. 
Execute a completely digital application and enrollment process that provides access to all prospects/constituents.
Understand our value proposition and align activities and communication in a way that differentiates the school and its innovative education philosophy. Establish a deep connection to our clients. 
Monitor, assess, and update projected enrollment targets, as well as related data and trends. Develop and execute admissions-focused marketing and communication that attracts families aligned with the school’s values and way of learning.  Develop metrics for periodically assessing and revising the plan.
Work closely with the Head of School on the tuition assistance process and analysis of its success.
Develop in collaboration with the Senior Administration team a strategic DEI plan to attract and retain families of backgrounds that represent the diverse richness of the Los Angeles community.
Continue to build upon previously forged partnerships with feeder schools. Maintain and develop new relationships with feeder schools, education consultants, local public schools, and NAIS peers. 
Manage, supervise, and develop one admission and communications support personnel. 
Support enrollment management through Veracross; setting and achieving of admissions and retention goals; “white-glove” stewardship of current and prospective families; and appropriate communications.
Generate and interpret regular reports on trends and data relevant to enrollment and community engagement, and present them to the Head of School, Board of Directors, and school leadership when applicable.
Build programs and marketing campaigns that attract a non-traditional pipeline of entry points to the school. 

Marketing Leadership Responsibilities

Build upon the existing marketing activities for the school, and develop and execute the school’s plan in close collaboration with the Head of the School and in alignment with the strategic plan. 
Serve as chief brand ambassador; train colleagues on brand guidelines, ensure brand cohesion across all channels.
In conjunction with the Communications and Advancement team, analyze website, social media and survey metrics to monitor the efficacy of all communication channels and campaigns.
Collaborate with the communication and advancement team when needed to produce a variety of marketing materials produced in-house including:

Admissions sales aids, digital sales suite, various email campaigns, digital ads, creative collateral, digital assets, fliers, promotional products, and other school publications

Produce a robust content marketing strategy from inquiry to enrollment through onboarding. 

Manage the prospective parent/client journey
Create relevant and dynamic content via communications module, social media, and imagery/video that tells the Seven Arrows story and attracts and retains applicants. 

Collaborate with the Head of School and communications team to help shape a cohesive voice of the school that translates our brand to a diverse breadth of recipients; prospective parent communication, website, policies, newsletter, social media platforms, affiliate sites, etc. 
Conduct market research to analyze current trends and discover emerging opportunities to promote the school’s innovative practices.
Ensure positive constituent interaction with official online school platforms and work in conjunction with other administrative departments to ensure a seamless flow of information between database and other internal systems.
Act as public spokesperson for the school when appropriate.
Support a variety of school-wide events, including various fundraising initiatives.
Manage marketing budget allocated towards admissions and enrollment management.
Other duties as assigned by the Head of the School
Five years or more prior experience in fast-paced school admissions, marketing, and/or communications function.
High-performing content marketer.
Excellent command of the English language, especially the rules of syntax, punctuation, and grammar.
Ability to gather data for performance metrics and decision making,
Sense of humor.
Flexible thinker.
Enjoys ideating and welcomes change.
Knowledge of and proven experience with Adobe Creative Suite, Canva. Sound understanding of design principles.
Administrator with experience supporting a C-Suite executive.
Master presenter; slides, keynote, Google Suite, Zoom.
Master storyteller with the ability to adjust to targeted audiences.
Excellent skills in data management and databases (Veracross and Blackbaud helpful).
Skills in event planning, strategic planning, and project management.
Demonstrated skill as a collaborator and innovator.
Management experience in directing a team and providing strong feedback, support, and supervision.
Ability to learn, to receive and act on feedback.