Chief Marketing and Communications Officer | Crown College

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Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota, Start July 1, 2021
The Chief Marketing and Communications Officer leads both the marketing and the communications efforts at Crown College. From a marketing perspective, this includes planning, directing, and executing a comprehensive strategy to increase awareness, prestige, and desirability of the Crown College Brand across all relevant demographic segments. This leader is responsible for directing and managing marketing-related projects pertaining to enrollment, college relations, and other college initiatives.  From a communications perspective, they will influence and develop proactive and positive communication at the college. The role will provide leadership in communications and develop and execute internal and external communication, public relations, advancement, and outreach for the college.

Candidates must have an appreciation and commitment to the college’s mission.
Lead and manage a team of full-time employees and student team members effectively to fulfill the department’s mission.
Plan, manage, and monitor the execution of all projects that are to be completed by the marketing and communications department.
Develop and maintain a long-term strategy for the department, including new and ongoing strategies and initiatives, areas of potential expansion, priority of various functions and future functions, and the budget and staffing implications of these strategies, including overseeing the alignment of the social and digital marketing strategy.
Monitor and ensure the proper execution of the  Crown College Brand Guidelines  in all external and internal communication.
Oversee the development and quality of internal communication channels, including intranet news feed and community email.
Develop and implement comprehensive plans for major college announcements and initiatives.
Assist college offices and departments with communication strategy and implementation.
Lead the communication strategy to various constituent groups, such as the Board of Trustees, alumni, and parents and families.
Plan and execute strategy for telling Crown College stories via digital, print, and social media.
Strategically allocate resources to allow for the greatest return on marketing investment in conjunction with the overall Marketing Strategy.
Serves on committees as needed to provide best practices, expertise, and insight for how Marketing and Communications can assist/come alongside other departments.

Candidates must have an appreciation and commitment to the college’s mission.
Ability to manage and lead a team providing an excellent department culture and environment.
Ability to interact with academic departments and staff offices to achieve mutual goals.
Ability to use technological resources, including various computer programs and applications.
Ability to communicate in a written and verbal manner to ensure a shared understanding of information.
Ability to function and plan in a multitasked environment to ensure that tasks are completed within specified deadlines.
Ability to lead, facilitate, or coordinate cross-departmental teams.
Knowledge of marketing channel functions, emerging communication technologies, and deliverables to meet the goals for internal and external communication.
Ability to manage budgets for the Marketing and Communications Department.
Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
posted 4/19/21 by Amy Luesse Commensurate with credentials and experience