Is Your Marketing Strategy Outdated?

Sales Funnels 101: The Action Stage | Is Your Marketing Strategy Outdated?

Running a business — and marketing one — always includes one common thread, no matter what industry you’re in: the need to constantly and consistently pivot, whenever and however you can. The world consistently changes, and that means your business will have to, too. The things that once worked might not work any longer… and that’s okay! Being willing to roll with the punches can make a huge impact on your bottom line and strategies, and can make a big difference. However, *not* rolling with the punches or pivoting can do the opposite. 

Here’s how to know if your marketing strategy is outdated.

Wait… can my marketing strategy even be outdated?

Wondering if your marketing strategy is still working for you, years after implementing it? Short answer: maybe. Long answer: likely not as well as it could be. See, marketing strategies have expanded and grown over the years. Think about the 1950’s, when print advertisements and intricate drawings were what sold products. Now, snappy videos and digital advertising comes into play. A business still running on a 1950’s marketing model will never be as successful as one running in 2021. While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time something new comes along, it is important to be willing to try and adjust.

10 Signs Your Marketing Strategy is Outdated

  • You’re having to consistently pour time, energy, and manpower into antiquated data keeping systems.
  • Your marketing strategy focuses less on the clients/leads and more on driving hard sales.
  • You refuse to try new things.
  • You aren’t spending at least 70% of your time marketing and advertising digitally.
  • Your customers and clients no longer seem to be connecting with your brand or business.
  • You are working in clunky software.
  • You or your marketing team is no longer excited by new campaigns.
  • You are focusing on things like keyword implementation.
  • You aren’t approaching things from a human point of view.
  • You’re not up-to-date on the latest techniques (SEO, social media, etc.)

How to fix an outdated marketing strategy

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An outdated marketing strategy can easily be adjusted — it’s all in the approach. Instead of scrapping everything you have and starting fresh (though that’s not always a bad idea), start focusing on adding in new things and implementing additional strategies. Starting small is more than effective, and can be highly impactful without being overwhelming. We’d recommend trying something new (social media, building an email list, advertising on search engines), quantifying and analyzing results, and then choosing where to go from there.

If you feel like your marketing strategy is outdated, you’re not alone. At Marketing Career Hub we share tons of resources to help you level up your own. Explore more here.

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