Interview Tips for Marketing Jobs in 2022

Interview Tips for Marketing Jobs in 2022 | Interview Tips for Marketing Jobs in 2022

Interviewing for a new job isn’t always the most fun part of the job search process, but it’s pretty much always the most important… especially when you’re interviewing for a marketing job. The interview process is what allows you to find out if the job you’re applying for is the right fit, it lets your prospective employer find out the same, and it helps you to set yourself apart from the other applicants and candidates for a really special and successful process.

Plus, we can promise — interviewing for a job doesn’t have to feel so incredibly scary, time-consuming, or hard. Really, there are just a few things to know and keep in mind when interviewing for a marketing job, and we have you covered with our top 3.

1. Know your numbers.

Marketing is an area that strikes a really incredible balance between creativity and strategy, and being able to expand on that balance during an interview is really important. The best way to do this? Know. Your. Numbers. From conversion rates to open rates, numbers are what prove that you know marketing strategy — so don’t be afraid to dive deep into them! By being able to pull specific numbers from campaigns and strategies you’ve worked on, you’ll be able to show success metrics… and that matters.

2. Think outside of the box for that dreaded Q.

If you’ve ever applied for and then interviewed for a job — or watched The Office episode The Job — you know the dreaded question that people love to ask: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

(The worst, right?)

So, here’s our recommendation: when someone asks you this question (which is very, very likely to happen), have a response that kicks you outside of the box. Don’t gravitate towards answers like “I take on too much” or “I am a perfectionist” (boring!), but instead focus on honesty that you can spin in a positive direction and light.

3. Be confident.

In all of the time each of us over here at Marketing Career Hub has spent in an interview, there’s been one thing that’s stood out to each and every one of us — and that’s confidence. Now, trust us here… we know it’s hard sometimes to embrace confidence and pull through strength in a job interview. However, we’re also pretty confident (get it?!) that there’s really and truly nothing more important. So, next time you walk into an interview or log into a Zoom interview room, take a deep breath, take one quick glance over your notes, and rock it.

You’ve got this.

Here’s a video from Hubspot on How to Best Prepare for a Job Interview

Looking for more marketing job tips and advice? We have you covered at Marketing Career Hub with our packed resource

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