How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Business in 2022

How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Business | How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Business in 2023

Let’s talk about TikTok…First of all, we get it. There are already enough platforms to manage and keep track of, and learning one more might sound a bit crazy. But if you want to reach new levels of awareness and engagement on a platform with relatively low competition, TikTok is your best bet for your business. While there’s a constantly growing number of users, it’s new enough that not all brands have jumped into TikTok marketing – which leaves a sweet spot for those who get in on the action now.

HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2022 – Joshua Erabu

To help you get started, we put together 4 simple tips for using TikTok to grow your business.

1. Use trending audio sounds.

Standing out with originality is usually the goal in marketing your business, right? So, this one might sound a little odd. — but using the trending audio sounds that are already circulating TikTok is actually a solid way to get your videos in front of more eyes. Don’t worry though, you can show off your originality by using trending audio differently than others. 

Find a slightly unique way of incorporating it into your videos to increase your chances of going viral. Plus, the TikTok algorithm will show your video to more users when you play with the popular tracks. Even if you never go viral, you’ll still connect with plenty of viewers and have the chance to grow some major awareness for your business. 

2. Go for connection, not perfection.

The newness of TikTok makes it uncluttered by the interruption of professional, dry, commercial-sounding posts. To get the most out of the platform, you will want to show up authenticall, in a way that viewers can relate to. The good thing about this is you don’t need to worry about being the most polished and perfect. Videos that do well tend to be on the simpler, more personal side – focused on connecting with people above all else. 

3. Consider tapping into paid ads.

Creating more casual videos like behind-the-scenes, product demos, personal stories, and case studies is a useful tool in connecting with people. But if you want to extend your brand’s reach even further, you might consider adding paid ads to your marketing plans. TikTok offers several different types of paid ads to choose from, all of which can quickly boost your views and followers.  

4. Use the three magic words: user-generated content.

TikTok is full of free marketing opportunities because people are already wanting to share the products, brands, and experiences they love. Create hashtags for your brand, ask customers to tag you, and simply re-post what they’re saying. It’s a win-win, because your audience feels more connected and valued, and your brand awareness can grow with the click of a button.  

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