How to Use Data for Marketing?

what is data marketing | How to Use Data for Marketing?
In this post, we discuss what big data is and how to use data for marketing.

How to Use Data for Marketing

When it comes to big data marketing, it’s easy for people to say that it’s all about the fun, creative side — and, while that’s definitely a big part of it, it’s not the only part of it. In fact, the other part of it (AKA, data) is arguably the most important piece of the marketing puzzle. See, data is what proves creativity is working. Marketing data is what helps you influence decisions, data is how you track campaigns, and data is the tool you’ll use to influence your strategy as a whole. So how do you use data for marketing?

It makes sense that data should determine your marketing strategy, from the planning phase all the way to the execution. When you’re paying attention to data in the first place, you can target the right people… and when you’re paying attention to data after the close of a project, you can test and verify your campaigns

First, what is big data?

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So, here’s how to use data for marketing.

In order to use data in your marketing effectively, you need to know what to look for in the first place. We’d recommend starting with a full-scale audit of your target market before anything so that you can get a granular look at the people you’re trying to reach with your marketing. From the geographic location, all the way to age and interest, pull every single detail you can. 

Then, go ahead and choose your KPIs — or key performance indicators — to pay attention to. It may be conversions, but it could also be clicks, call bookings, or social media followers. It’s completely dependent on your specific campaign, and you can track those KPIs as your campaign starts processing. Once you’ve wrapped up your campaign, you can take a look at and analyze that data to determine future decisions.

Here’s what data can help marketers determine

Once you’ve started gathering, measuring, and tracking your marketing data, it’s time to analyze it — and that all comes down to knowing what, exactly, you can get that analysis to show. There are a few things we love to look at with our marketing campaigns, so try one of these out:

  • What part of your campaign is most effective, and where are any lags occurring in the performance?
  • Are there specific pieces of your campaign that performed better than others?
  • What campaign entry points are working best for your conversion rate? (i.e., top the funnel? Middle of it? Elsewhere completely?)
  • How much money are you spending per click? Per conversion? Per person?
  • What profit margin is actually left after all overhead and campaign costs?

While there are tons more things that data can help you determine, the above list is a good start. And, from there, you can start to tweak and optimize future marketing campaigns. Win, win, right?

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