What is Brand Authenticity?

what is brand authenticity | What is Brand Authenticity?

When it comes to marketing a business or brand effectively, there are really 2 methods you can use: 1) generic, uber-professional marketing, or 2) authentic, joyful marketing. And, these days, we think that there is significantly more impact with round 2 — AKA, marketing that sparks happiness, vulnerability, and, more than anything, authenticity. 

See, here’s the thing: the days are long gone where people want to attempt building relationships with faceless, nameless brands. Instead, people want to build relationships — and, eventually,  buy from — brands that make a point to be authentic, to be open, and to be exciting. It makes sense, then, that keeping brand authenticity at the forefront of marketing is key. Today, we’re sharing how you can nurture brand authenticity to grow your business.

How to Nurture Brand Authenticity?

If you’re wondering how on earth a brand can be authentic, it’s a great idea to come back to the actual definition of the word authenticity: which is “the quality of being genuine or real.” Depending on the type of business you’re in, your version of authenticity may look different — but it should still fit these three main pillars: honesty, transparency, and genuineness. 

When your brand is authentic, people can trust that they’re seeing a business that they can believe in — one that has values has a heart, and has a mission that’s stronger than a bottom line. And, when people can believe that your brand is authentic, they’re much more likely to invest in it and stay with it for the long haul.

3 Ways to Nurture Brand Authenticity

If you’re looking to nurture your brand’s authenticity, there are 3 things to focus on: defining brand values, educating your team, and then keeping those values at the core of your brand. Here’s how.

1. Define brand values + a brand mission.

First up — before anything else — you have to hone in on why your business does what it does with a strong value and mission statement. Sometimes, this is hard… and it requires a lot of extra thought. But, here’s the thing: if the only brand value you can think of comes down to money, it’s time to really rethink the way you’re doing business. Here are some brand values that you may resonate with:

  • Curiosity, exploration, and creativity
  • Accountability and high quality work
  • Teamwork-centered work
  • A commitment to the highest customer service you can offer
  • Integrity, honesty, and transparency

When you and your team have landed on the values that you want to use when doing business, it’s a lot easier to continually come back to those values — and that, in itself, is a huge deal. Once you’ve decided on your values, use them to create a brand mission statement that determines your work as a whole.

2. Educate the team on your brand’s values and mission.

One of the most important pieces about determining brand values and a brand mission is making sure that every new and existing hire understands those brand values and brand missions — and then making sure that they can carry those values and that mission into their own work. We’re huge fans of recommending a primer or a specific meeting on values and mission once a year, company-wide, and we also think there’s a huge benefit to making this a big piece of new hire onboarding. Here’s the thing: if your team understands and believes in your mission and values, it’s much easier to run an authentic brand.

3. Underline that authenticity in every piece of marketing collateral.

Once you have a team of authentic, value-focused employees you’re proud of, bring those values into every piece of your marketing! There are tons of ways to do this — from your voice and messaging all the way to your targeting and your presentation — and the trick to making it work is to pull it through in every piece of collateral you have.

If you’re looking for more intentional marketing advice, tips, and tricks, you’re in the right place! Find more marketing resources here in Marketing Career Hub.

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