How to Find Your Target Market

How to Find Your Target Market | How to Find Your Target Market

How to Find Your Target Market

Is Your Target Market *Really* Your Target Market?!

One thing is for sure in life and business…nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes, adapts, and shifts over time – as do people! So, when you think about your marketing efforts, are you still reaching the people you want to be reaching…AKA your ideal target market? Are the people you want to be selling to truly the people you are selling to?

This is a question that you might ask many times over because it’s essential to the success of your business. Refreshing your marketing strategies, campaigns, and approaches is important, but don’t forget to also refresh one thing – your ideal customer. After all, marketing is only effective if it speaks to the right people. Can you be sure that yours is? Here’s how to know for sure.

Do your research.

Take time to dig deep, like REALLY deep, into your target market research. This isn’t a one and done type of task. To get super clear on the wants and needs of your audience, pay attention to your analytics and metrics. The data will keep you updated on changes in trends and demographics and will give you a good idea of who you are currently reaching.

Make it personal.

While data is important, make sure you make the numbers personal. First, take a look at your most recent ICA (ideal client avatar). Was it created back when you first started your marketing efforts, or have you made several different versions since? It’s important to allow your ICA to grow and change just like humans do because – well, it IS human.

Get very specific. Narrow down the one persona you’re focused on, and then narrow it down again and again. The more detailed you are about your ICA, the more perfectly tailored your products or services will be for your audience. They will feel like you know and understand them completely.  

Listen to your audience.

Finally, it’s important to continue to listen to your target audience. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the numbers, data, and strategies, and miss the simplicity of going straight to the source. It’s a good idea to conduct surveys, polls, and gather feedback continuously to go alongside your market analytics. This will help you know what your audience wants and needs, and where you might be falling short. Give your target market a voice to communicate with you, and then be sure to listen!


Staying up to date with your target market takes continuous effort but pays off big time! Get the most out of your marketing by digging into our full resource library here!

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