How to Create Video Content in 2022

How Your Business Can Pivot to More Video Content | How to Create Video Content in 2022 | Marketing Career Hub

If you’re even a little bit involved in your business’s marketing strategy — which we’d bet is a yes, if you’re reading this — we know you’ve probably heard about the industry’s new focus on video. From an increased push to video on social apps like Instagram to more video content from news sites, video content is a rising star in the marketing world — and it’s key to make sure that you can pivot where needed.

However, we don’t think you need to pivot to 100% video content. There’s tons of value in what you’re already doing, and content marketing is a versatile field. But, learning to adapt is key in the marketing field — and that includes dipping your toes into the video water.

Here are some of our favorite, no-pressure ways to create video content in 2022 for your business.

Take advantage of social media tools.

Luckily, social media wants you to use video content on their platforms — and they’ve made it so much easier to do so! While you used to only be able to edit video content through software like Premiere Pro, you can now edit directly in your social apps. From Instagram’s Reels feature to TikTok to Facebook Live, there are tons of options that make showing up on video so much easier than it used to be. Plus, apps like Instagram have algorithms that reward video content — which might just give you the extra boost you need. Your next job? Start slow, and just create one thing! It’s so fun, and gives you an easy way to boost your social media reach at the same time.

Supplement your written content.

The thought of completely pivoting to video is pretty overwhelming — but it doesn’t need to be, because it’s just really not necessary. Instead, add to your existing content WITH video. Using older blog posts, podcasts, and even email newsletters as a framework, shoot short, quippy videos — no editing required — that either expands on the topic or adds a new perspective. This is a great way to get more views/listens on original content, and it’s also a great way to reach a larger swath of people.

Embed video content from other businesses.

Don’t have time (or interest) in creating your own video content? That’s ok! Instead, embed and share video content from other businesses — sourced the right way and credited, of course — in your social media feeds or even in your blog posts. It’s a helpful method to increase the original business reach and, as long as you have permission from the original brand, it’s also a helpful way to integrate video content into your own business and hop up in the algorithm, too.

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