How to Avoid Social Media Burnout in Your Business

How to Avoid Social Media Burnout in Your Business | How to Avoid Social Media Burnout in Your Business

Burnout can show up in any job or workplace. It’s the result of long work hours, little rest, and continuous stress all combined. The “prescription” for burnout is usually a step back from the to-do list and unplugging from screens and devices. But what about when it’s not so easy to unplug from the source of your fatigue?

Social media burnout is quickly becoming an issue for many marketers and business owners. Let’s look at how it shows up, and what tools can help you battle the stresses of constant device exposure so you can keep showing up for your brand and your audience.

Avoiding Social Media Burnout in Your Business – Driven Spice

How does social media burnout happen?

The effects of social media burnout are a bit more sneaky than more traditional jobs. You can’t simply leave your work at the office or turn it off because the source of the work happens to be in your pocket. So, the main reason for the build up of social media stress comes from the pressure to be always accessible through that little pocket boss.

Social media can feel like a 24/7 job, without set hours, not enough pay, and unclear expectations and responsibilities. Couple that with the never-ending pressure to create, produce, and connect, and you have the recipe for major exhaustion. The good news is there are ways to protect yourself (and your sanity) by making a few adjustments before the burnout arises.

Tools for battling burnout.

#1. Make a plan and stick to a schedule.  

Since social media gets stressful when there never seems to be an off time, it’s important to set boundaries for yourself. By setting up a schedule for when you plan, create, post, and engage, you are making your own work hours. As tempting as it is to put in extra time outside of your set hours…don’t do it! Sticking to your schedule will keep you fresh and focused, while giving you time away from your social media work.

#2. Repurpose your content.

The pressure to constantly create new posts, ideas, and marketing strategies will lead to mental exhaustion pretty quickly. When you do have ideas, write them down and save them for your scheduled planning time. When inspiration is not quite hitting, use already existing content for your posts. Go ahead and use your top blog posts to make some Instagram posts. Share those glowing reviews on your website on your Facebook feed. Think of what content already exists, tweak it for each different platform, and voila! Recycling at its finest.

#3. Spend time away from your phone.

This is a big one. We all need breaks away from the constant absorption of content, news, and media. For a healthy work-life balance, and for a healthy life in general, make time for a digital detox. Maybe your phone goes off at night, or maybe you have cell-free Sundays. You choose what makes sense for your lifestyle and make it happen. 

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