Get Everyone in Your Business Involved With Marketing

 | Get Everyone in Your Business Involved With Marketing

When it comes to a business’s marketing team, small but mighty is usually the name of the game — are we right? Marketing teams are almost always given a huge amount of responsibility and an even bigger level of impact — all with less hands at the table. In fact, that’s probably why a lot of us like it! It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s super rewarding. 

However, there’s always a benefit to getting more people involved, especially in marketing. New perspectives can really transform and level up marketing ideas, and getting other people involved can help to completely and totally boost a marketing team’s impact. Small teams, while great, can sometimes benefit from extra insight — and you might just be surprised at how powerful it can be. Wondering how you can get everyone in your business involved with marketing? Here’s how.

How To Build a Dream Marketing Team (From Scratch) | Neil Patel

1. Encourage ideas and ask for collaboration.

The additional teams in your business likely don’t want to step on toes — and they also are probably not thinking about marketing strategies on top of their day-to-day work. Your job? To ask them if they have any ideas they want to share, and to encourage collaboration on current projects that may need an extra level of attention. This is especially powerful once you’ve already laid the groundwork (i.e., picked KPI’s and decided on a base strategy). If you can share what you’re looking for, results-wise, from your marketing campaigns themselves, additional team members may be able to offer some really, really valuable ideas (or, at least, spur some really, really valuable ideas). 

2.. User-generated content, with a twist.

User-generated content is a great way to really level up a marketing strategy, and it’s something that is *incredibly* easy to come by. Whether it’s user testimonials or customer reviews or something totally different, leveraging people for marketing is a no-brainer method — and it’s no different with the rest of the people in your business! Whether it’s through sharing social media posts that dive into additional areas of the business or through spotlighting other team members, try out business- and employee-generated content for a spin.

3. Invite other employees to take a seat at the table.

So often, great ideas come from invitation — and it’s really that simple. Invite other employees to join in on marketing meetings, to put forth ideas, and to collaborate with others. By simply asking people to join in, you may be shocked at what you can get! Instead of simply asking for ideas from others, truly make them part of the process — especially on over-arching campaigns and larger projects.

If you’re looking to level up your business or brand’s marketing efforts, encourage them to dive into marketing lessons headfirst. A great resource? Marketing Career Hub, all the way. Check out everything we have here.

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