Creative Ways to Show Up on Social Media in 2023

Creative Ways to Show Up on Social Media | Creative Ways to Show Up on Social Media in 2023 |

Feeling a bit stuck when it comes to showing up on your social media accounts? You’re not alone! We all know how important it is for your brand’s visibility to post regularly, but the same types of posts week after week can get a little tedious. So, let’s shake things up today! Here are some fresh, creative ideas for building brand awareness and connection through social media in 2023.  

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Vanessa Lau

1. Take your audience behind-the-scenes.

Perfectly curated videos and photos from brands do serve their own purpose. But they tend to take forever to create and can sometimes feel too staged or stuffy. Sometimes, viewers are even happier getting a glimpse into the everyday life of your brand. A simple behind-the-scenes video or candid photo can be a great way to show another side to your brand and connect with people on a more personal level.

2. Get help from your audience with user-generated content.

This is a great option for when the creative juices are just not quite flowing, or you want something different. User-generated content lets you tap into lots of content that’s already circulating for your brand. By sharing posts that your customers have already shared, you’re showing how much people love your brand, but in a way that is super trustworthy.  

In fact, 90% of consumers say that they trust user-generated content when making purchasing decisions. It’s content you don’t have to spend time creating, that builds trust and relatability with your audience while increasing your sales. That’s something we like to call a win-win-win!

3. Make your brand more human with employee spotlights.

If building relatability is something you’re into (as it should be), try highlighting different employees on different days. People love getting to see the real people behind their favorite brands. No need to script or plan it…just let people be themselves. Let your audience fall in love with the awesome people behind-the-scenes.

4. Let your audience in with engaging prompts.

Your customers are ready to tell you what they want to see. So, why not just ask? You can create polls and questions to engage and connect with your audience, and get candid, useful feedback. Ask people questions about what they want, and what they think of your brand or products. You can also use the answers to create new content.

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