Best CTA’s To Use in 2022

15 CTA's That Actually Call People to Action | Best CTA's To Use in 2022

When you’re in marketing, one of the best (and most important) things you can do is to call a potential customer to action — whether that’s by encouraging them to sign up for an email list or to make a purchase. The best pieces of marketing collateral always encourage the audience to take some sort of action, and it’s the best way to measure ROI and the sustainability of a marketing campaign.

However, the key behind a really great call to action is making sure that, well, it *actually* calls people to action. While things like “learn more” are easy to say, they’re just not that effective. Instead, you can adjust your messaging and your techniques to actually and truly inspire your audience to take true action. We love helping you level up your marketing efforts, so we’re sharing 15 calls to action that you should try out in your next campaign.

The secret to great calls to action

When you call people to action, you want to do a few things — to engage them, to make them feel like they’d miss out if they didn’t do it, and to remind them that this is a good idea. While we’re not big fans of scarcity marketing and making people feel like they absolutely *have* to do or buy something, calling people to action does require a little bit of psychology.

The secret? Use action words or internal monologue words to connect the brain’s desire center to your offer. When you can make people feel valued and trusted, you’ve unlocked the key to great calls to action — and your results will show it. Instead of speaking to your audience in a sterile, corporate method, use messaging that connects. Here are 15 examples for you.

15 CTA’s That *Actually* Call People to Action

CTA’s to get more landing page clicks:

  • Wait… what?
  • I’m interested!
  • Tell me more…
  • I want more details
  • Find out more

CTA’s to encourage purchases:

  • Snag [the item or service] today!
  • Can’t live without this any longer?
  • Grab it now — enjoy it forever
  • Buy your [the item or service] here
  • Don’t miss out — add to cart

CTA’s to encourage lead building (like email lists):

Captivating call-to-actions to double your email list growth | ConvertKit Creator Education

You can also try these:

  • Your free resource is waiting!
  • Come hang out with us
  • Sign up!
  • Join our email club here
  • Drop your email (no spam, promise!)

If you’re looking to elevate your connection-focused marketing strategy in a way that actually creates more leads, you’re in the right place. We have tons of resources, and are always open to suggestions. Check out more here.

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