Are Instagram Reels Worth It?

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Social media can be one of two things in the marketing world: really fun and impactful, or really overwhelming and stressful. We get it — social media is great, but it also tends to seem like there’s something new to try out at all times… and for marketers especially, it can seem like a lot to deal with.

Here’s the thing, though: social media doesn’t have to seem like a mega-complicated affair, even when everything seems to be changing all the time. Instead, you just have to approach social media with a general ability and willingness to pivot, just like in business. Enter: video content and the push to it, especially with Instagram Reels. 

Wondering how the heck to figure out Instagram Reels (and why you need to)? We’ve got you covered.

Why do I need to care about Instagram Reels?

If you’re wondering why Instagram Reels even need to be on your radar, it’s because we’ve really been told that they need to be. See, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced pretty recently in an Instagram Live that Instagram (a powerful marketing platform in itself) is “no longer a photo-sharing app.” 

What he meant, do you ask? Mosseri meant that the app is starting to pivot more to video, and that showing up on video will give you a better pull in the good ole’ Instagram algorithm.  Since then, we’ve really seen the algorithm start to favor and to reward short-form video content, specifically in forms like Reels. This is essential to you as a marketer, since understanding shifts and leaning into them is key to lasting impact. 

How to integrate Reels into your marketing strategy

If you read that and thought, “oh, great. Another thing I have to deal with,” then we can promise you you aren’t alone! However, there are some really easy ways that you can integrate Reels into your marketing strategy… and they’re also really FUN. 

Here are 9 Reels ideas that you can use in your business:

  • Showcase a product or service in Reel form.
  • Show off a behind-the-scenes or day-in-the-life from your business or brand.
  • Show your business or brand’s origin story in a Reel.
  • Use trending audio to connect with your audience on Reels (and show up in the explore page feed!)
  • Explain the “why?” and the “what?” behind your business.
  • What questions do you get asked the most? Answer those in a Reel!
  • Show in-progress projects.
  • Share tutorial videos or quick tips!
  • Repurpose content (like old blogs) into Reels — easy peasy!

Here’s a Full Instagram Reels Tutorial from Modern Millie.

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