All You Really Need to Know About SEO

 | All You Really Need to Know About SEO

SEO — or search engine optimization — is a really important piece of the puzzle for digital marketers, especially in 2021. By optimizing your position in search engine results, you can actually show up as an expert and remain top-of-mind for people looking for businesses, brands, and people in your area of expertise. However, SEO strategy is something that has considerably changed over the years (and for the better). SEO strategy used to really focus on things like keyword farming, backlinking, weird content plans (like guest blogs that didn’t connect), and structuring content in a really specific way. 

While this strategy really was once helpful, it’s no longer necessary at all — and instead, SEO strategy that actually and truly connects with an audience is what will help you improve your ranking and grow your bottom line. Wondering what it is that you *actually* need to know about SEO? We have you covered.

What do you really need to know about SEO?

When it comes to SEO, there’s one thing that is absolutely essential to understand over all of the others — and that’s the fact that organic, connection-based, natural content and approaches are always, always considerably more impactful than anything else. While there is always going to be value in ranking keywords and writing your content for mobile readability, there’s truly nothing more important than just making sure that you’re working to connect with your audience. 

There is a big difference between a website that you can tell is using old SEO practices like keyword stuffing and unnatural, stiff sounding voice and a website that, while it ranks keywords and does share content in a specific, structured way, is more focused on conversation and education than it is anything else. A website and a SEO strategy that truly sounds natural and conversational will always provide better conversion.

Quick SEO tips you can implement today

Scrolling the internet will show you a million tactics and techniques that you can use to boost your SEO, but many of them are super outdated and ineffective. Instead, implement these quick SEO tips in your business today:

  • What are your Google searchers looking for? What search engine terms do you want them to use to find your business? Make sure that you’re answering those questions and reflecting those terms, starting from your homepage.
  • Start publishing a consistent weekly or monthly blog post that speaks to you and your business’s expertise.
  • Update the meta descriptions on your website pages.
  • Dive into your website analytics to find out which pages are performing well — or poorly.
  • Rename your website pages to speak to terms people may be searching for on Google.
  • Consistently update your website pages (and make sure their publish dates update, too).
  • Optimize your site for mobile.
  • Backlink to your other website pages on blogs or any other content pages you share.
  • Set up a Google My Business page.
  • Add social media share buttons to your pages.

It’s simple, really — SEO simply doesn’t have to feel as complicated as the internet might make you think. It just doesn’t. Instead, focus on small, intentional switches and changes that naturally increase your web expertise and encourage people to visit your site. At Marketing Career Hub we’re all about impactful marketing strategies that work. Find more resources here.

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