9 Skills Marketing Gives You

9 Skills Marketing Gives You | 9 Skills Marketing Gives You

At Marketing Career Hub, we love the impact that the marketing industry can have on each and every business it reaches. Whether you’re in tech or in fashion or in something in between, marketing manages to create magic across all lines. Plus, marketers just know human connection and decision making on a level that others simply cannot. 

Wondering what other skills marketing jobs give you? Here are 10 of the top.

1. Empathy: Marketing jobs give you an inside look into the human decision making process and the buyer’s journey, allowing you to dig deeper into what makes people tick, what makes them overjoyed, and what makes them emotional. While on one level it helps you to make sales, it’s so much more than that — and only marketers can relate.

2. Data analysis: Marketing jobs go hand in hand with data analysis, no rocket science required. While those who aren’t in marketing tend to think that marketing is all fun and fluffy, real marketers know it isn’t — and can create KPIs and test human intuition with the best of them.

3. Connection: Great marketing requires the ability to truly engage and communicate with an audience, making marketers connection experts at the highest and most granular of levels. There are few other jobs that require as much connection as marketing does, and it shows.

4. Copywriting: Marketing jobs require the ability to speak and write succinctly, giving most marketers an innate sense and ability when it comes to copywriting and selling via words. While most marketers aren’t trained copywriters, the general understanding of the art is a massive win for marketers across industries.

5. Advertising: While not all marketers are advertisers, marketing jobs give people an inside look into the magical, data-driven world of advertising — and all great marketers have an advertising mindset that’s consistently underlined by their profession.

6. Public relations: Since marketing goes hand in hand with human connection, it makes sense that it would also go hand-in-hand with public relations — a skill that is decidedly useful and paramountly important. By being able to communicate across industries and relate to the public, marketers have a unique advantage.

7. Goal-setting: Every great marketing strategy comes with a goal-setting background, whether or not the marketer at hand is trying to reach a certain KPI or attract a certain number of signups. As a goal-based job, marketers have goal-setting abilities and intuitions that others do not.

8. Storytelling: Effective marketing tells stories, and the ability to do so is one that transcends industries, people, and jobs. By learning storytelling on a data-driven, human connection-focused level, the ability for marketers to tell stories is one that will continually bring in leads and capture genuine relationships.

9. Graphic design: While graphic design in itself is a skill that experts are best at, marketers tend to have a basic grasp on symmetry, composition, and early-stage design techniques that set them apart from other applicants. Graphic design is a huge piece of the pie when it comes to effective marketing, and it can benefit every brand and every business.

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