3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Should Include in 2022

team discussing marketing strategy | 3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Should Include in 2022

Creating a solid marketing strategy is key to the success and growth of your business. It might seem more fun to dive into the advertising side of things straight out of the gate, but trust us: Taking time to strategize and clarify goals will save you tons of money and energy in the long run. Plus, this step will make your marketing efforts as effective as possible – meaning more profit and brand awareness.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For ALL Businesses in 2022 – Marketing 101 by Jordan Platten

Your marketing strategy is your plan for pursuing and reaching company goals. Having clearly defined goals helps keep everyone on the same page internally, working towards the same outcomes. Externally, it creates consistency of content and communication.

So, your marketing strategy will drive your specific marketing campaigns. It will serve as a guide for your marketing journey. There can be differences in what’s in each unique strategy, but there are a few things you don’t want to leave out.

Here are the 3 things your marketing strategy must include.

Target audience analysis – know your audience  

It’s important to know who you are marketing to before creating any content. Before that big advertising campaign is even started, make sure you spend time getting to know your target audience.

A large amount of research will go into finding out specifics about your audience demographics. The more detailed you can get – the better.

Value proposition – know what you offer

You can’t sell anything if you’re not clear on what it is you offer and why people will want it. That is where your value proposition comes in handy. Think of it like a very specific mission statement that appeals directly to your target audience. Once you’re clear about what you offer, you’ll be able to show up consistently across all your marketing efforts.

This also helps you know where you are positioned in the market. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and benefits to customers. Find the specific details that make your brand unique.

Price – know your budgets and expenses

What are your specific revenue goals? What is your advertising budget? It’s important to answer these questions before marketing takes place. Get specific with expenses and pricing, because this is an area that can easily get out of hand without a set strategy.

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