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Top 2022 Content Strategies from Social Xccess

When it comes to marketing advice, there’s no way you haven’t heard people drive home the importance of a content strategy — and, for good reason. A smart content strategy can benefit your business and brand in a number of ways, and can create a huge impact for your business. However, it’s easy to think that the only way to produce a content strategy is through blogs… and that’s just not true.

How to Develop a WINNING Content Marketing Strategy in 2022 | Later: The All-In-One Social Marketing Platform

While blogging is a great tool in many ways, it’s not for everyone — and that’s okay. There are tons of other ways to start creating a great content strategy, no blog content is required. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Video Series

Video is a highly engaging way to encourage your audience to interact with you and your brand, and a video series is even better. Consider adding a bi-weekly or monthly series geared towards providing value within your niche, whether it’s an interview series, a “how to” series, or something completely different. Video series allow you to share your content across a number of platforms, from YouTube all the way to Instagram — giving your content more of a reach.

Podcast Episodes

Starting a podcast can be an incredibly powerful way to attract new audiences and keep your existing one engaged — as long as you do it right! If you start a podcast, work towards making it entertaining and value-packed, and share it everywhere you can. Podcasts grow word-of-mouth, and are great tools for increasing brand awareness and upping your own expertise.

Social Media Engagement

While you may not think of social media as part of a content strategy, we can promise you it is. And, before you start crafting longform captions and sharing infographics, focus on engaging your audience and building relationships. It’s a free method of marketing, it’s a great way to build community online, and it gives your brand some serious street cred.

Email Newsletters

Building an email list and then keeping it nurtured is one of the easiest and most effective methods of marketing you have at your fingertips — all it needs is some consistency from you. Consider sending out weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly newsletters to your email list, packing them with value, current updates, and opportunities for them to further engage with your brand. You’ll see results almost immediately.

User-Generated Content

One of the most underestimated and underutilized pieces of content in the world requires almost nothing from you — and that’s content that’s user-generated. Source testimonials, social media, and brand interactions from your audience, and use that to further drive home the power of your brand. Whether you choose to publish user photos on your social media feed or include testimonials on your newsletters, don’t discount the value you can find there.

Here’s the thing: some content, as long as it’s well-done, will always be more powerful than no content — and not every content strategy needs to include blogging. The best you can do? Strong, valuable content that your audience can connect with, no matter what platform it might be on. Looking for more marketing advice? Check out Marketing Career Hub’s resource library.

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